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Executive Dining

One of Jackson’s perennial five-star restaurants, Shapley’s proclaims “a tradition since 1985.” The tradition, as we see it, is that, even with a set menu for the past several years, they continue to grow and to improve. Not much more than the length of a football field from where Shapley’s got its start, the restaurant is now in its third building — each having brought an increase in seating capacity.

Shapley’s began its tradition by making a name for itself in the world of steaks. The steaks are among the best to be found in the area, but the seafood is equally comparable.

One of the most incongruous appetizers we’ve ever run across is the tamales at Shapley’s. They’ve been on the menu from the beginning and at three for $3.75 or $13.95 a dozen, they remain a very popular item. We much prefer the barbecue shrimp, the shrimp Lujon or even the fried Cajun crawfish tails. The fried pasta cake with crabmeat and crawfish remains intriguing as well.

Mark and Mary have continued to add to their menu which now, in addition to steaks and shrimp, features a full rack of lamb, veal chop, soft-shelled crabs, marinated chicken, salmon filet, catch of the day, tuna steak and even catfish.

On our last visit, we tried the soft-shelled crab, which we found to be excellent. We’ve not had better tasting fried soft-shelled crab anywhere in the metro area, although we thought it was a bit heavy on the breading. The crabs, themselves, were moist, succulent and quite tasty. They were served over a bed of saut

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