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Take advantage of the surging economy now

MBJ Editorial

What a long, strange trip the stock market has been on these past few months — or more accurately, for the past several years. The 1990s have seen unprecedented growth in the economy and profits for millions of Americans with money invested in it. Where the market is headed next is anyone’s guess.

The one consistent theme that has developed from this raging bull market is that financial professionals are at a loss to explain why it’s happening — or when it will end. Everyone has a theory, but perhaps the best advice is to enjoy it while it lasts.

This week, the Mississippi Business Journal takes a look at securities and investments in our FOCUS section. Our staff writers talked to the leaders in the Mississippi investment community and discussed emerging trends and issues that will impact you and your money.

The most significant finding? Technology.

The proliferation of PCs and on-line trading has forever changed the way people invest their money. The ease and access that on-line trading offers has facilitated millions in additional investment, but, so too, has it ushered in the age of cyberscams. Fraud has been a part of investing for a long time, and while crooks can use technology to cheat, it can also be used to track them down. It’s important to remember to exercise caution wherever you invest — whether it’s on-line or down the street at your neighborhood broker’s.

All things considered, take advantage of the market while you can.

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