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MBJ Editorial

Although Entergy has been fighting electric power deregulation with an aggressive lobbying effort and advertising blitz, the company has also been positioning itself for the inevitable transition to competition it fears.

The company’s latest marketing ploy was unveiled during a Jackson press conference last week.

Promising service restoration in two hours or less — or the customer gets 25 bucks — the Entergy guarantee will more than likely result in hemming and hawing on the utility’s part to avoid paying for service disruption in most cases. Entergy claims that 90% of interruptions are repaired in two hours or less already.

So, what does this latest offering from Entergy mean to the consumer? Nothing. It’s simply another irritating bump in the road as Mississippi pushes toward allowing competition and a free market to determine electric power options, service and rates.

Entergy knows that the good ol’ days of its government-protected monopoly are numbered. Fighting for its future, it’s quite probable that the Entergy guarantee will be followed by other amusing public relations campaigns.

Welcome to the real world of capitalism, boys.

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