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Business/education partnership paying off with

MBJ Editorial

Mississippi has a long, ignominious history of inadequate commitments to education and workforce training. It’s cost the state jobs and money for decades. But thanks to a number of partnerships between business and education, that’s all changing.

One approach that’s working well is the Hinds Community College fast-track programs designed to train telecommunications workers.

Hinds is offering advanced technical certificates in telecommunications technology and computer network support technology. These programs are designed to provide a career path for degreed majors to cross train into other fields.

“The ‘Fast Track’ program exposes the students to the technical side of the business and gets to the meat of the program that is needed on the job to the students quicker,” WorldCom’s manager of network implementation Leslie Moore said. “The students are very trainable because they come to us with a good base of knowledge and are able to learn what is specific to WorldCom.”

In a marketplace driven by technology, workers with technical skills and ability will be key players in economic growth and success. Mississippi needs programs that facilitate technical training. It’s good to see business and education teaming up and working together.

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