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Greenville`s mayor expects minimal impact on area

Monsanto acquires Delta & Pine Land

In an effort to enhance its life sciences strategy, Monsanto has acquired Delta and Pine Land Company based in Scott. The deal is pending D&PL shareholder approval.

“Obviously, we have a strong relationship with Delta and Pine Land. The company has been very beneficial to our community. We have a good relationship with them,” Greenville Mayor Paul Artman said. “From all indications we have seen and heard, the impact of the purchase will be minimal. And we certainly hope that is true. I feel like if Delta and Pine Land is worth this amount of money, it has certainly proven to be a profitable business, and Monsanto would want to continue to operate in a way that has made them so profitable. I think this is will have a positive impact.”

Monsanto also acquired DeKalb Genetics Corp. in Illinois in a related deal.

According to a company press release, “these acquisitions will broaden the availability of agronomic traits — the first wave of traits developed through biotechnology — and give more farmers around the world access to the yield and productivity benefits of crops enhanced through this technology. They also pave the way for the rapid introduction of the second wave of biotechnology traits, which improve the composition of fibers, the nutritional composition of food and feed and offer food processors new tools to enhance the value of grains and oil seed crops.”

Monsanto explained that its life sciences strategy is designed to enhance the sustainable production of food and feed and create new possibilities for better nutrition and health by linking Monsanto’s experience in agriculture, food and pharmaceuticals.

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