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Comprehensive resources on the `Net available regarding international trade opportunities

Look online for import/export help

The Internet revolution allows U.S. companies to communicate via e-mail with customers in foreign countries as easily as with a customer who lives in the same town. Another Internet business advantage is quick and comprehensive online help for information about international trade.

Franz Lohrke, an assistant professor of management at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) Gulf Coast, said many of the internet addresses for resources on international markets can be linked through the USM Web site: http://ocean.st.usm.edu/~fohrk/intlsite.html.

Lohrke has prepared the following guide to online international trade resources. Access is free except for where otherwise noted.


Assistance_International.htm. This site maintained by the Mississippi Department of Economic and Community Development (MDECD) provides Mississippi companies with export statistics as well as information for contacting the MDECD about possible overseas markets.


countries. This site provides links to Internet sites within a specific country. The site is particularly useful for finding information about specific regions or cities within countries.

For example, by clicking on

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