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Entergy`s plan to focus on customer service should be welcomed


Entergy`s announcement last week that it will spin off a number of business ventures not related to providing electric power to a couple million customers in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas, was welcome news.

In the past, the Mississippi Business Journal and many other publications have criticized Entergy for neglecting its residential and business users. Customer service is dismal. Entergy`s attempt to tout a service record via a series of goofy commercials has been laughable, at best. However, to echo the sentiment from our last editorial on the subject, maybe Entergy is finally getting it.

Comments from new president and COO Wayne Leonard that Entergy will do “whatever it takes” to restore customer service as a priority are steps in the right direction. Dancing squirrels were not.

Entergy says it cares about customer service. Let`s see if they prove it. Will they hire more linemen? Cut more limbs? Upgrade equipment? Hire people to answer the phone instead of relying on an irritating automated system?

Only time will tell if Entergy is serious about serving the public. One thing is certain, if the company doesn`t care about its customers, we`ll remember that when power deregulation is finally implemented and real choices are available.should be welcomed

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