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Taking it to the people: The Learning Store finds new location and horizons

Essential Business

If you`re looking for that unique gift – that special something you can find nowhere else – then The Learning Store of ETV & PRM is a must see.

The Learning Store in Jackson is the retail arm of Mississippi Educational Television and Public Radio in Mississippi. Though the store carries some products not directly related to public broadcasting, the vast majority of its merchandise promotes both the state and ETV and PRM programming, from children`s shows like “Sesame Street” and “Wishbone” to adult programming like “Mr. Bean” and locally-produced “Mississippi Outdoors.” The store is also the only place which offers all University Press books in print under one roof.

Lorraine Allen, manager of The Learning Store, said the uniqueness of their products reflects the uniqueness of the programming via the public airwaves.

“Not only do we carry and promote products of ETV and PRM, we also carry educational material – science, art and music – for children, as well as what I call mind-expanding adult merchandise,” Allen said. “Public broadcasting is a safe haven for kids. The viewer is not bombarded by commercials. And a lot of the programming has local interest,

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