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Listen up: It`s time to decide if you`re going to run

From the Ground Up

Business leaders listen up. It`s that time again. It comes around every four years and it might be heading your way. “It” is political decision time.

If you have ever dreamed of running for statewide office now is the time to give it serious consideration. After all, business leaders are just what the state needs. You may have what it takes to move from business leadership to political leadership. It is not a time to be taken lightly. Others may even be approaching you soon to determine your interest in state service. Are you a candidate to be a candidate?

With tongue firmly in cheek, I have crafted a few items to aid you in your self-discovery of determining whether you should consider running for statewide public office.

Consider them thoughtfully. It`s a big decision.

You might be a candidate to be a candidate for governor if you:

1. Have a burning desire to live in a big house in downtown Jackson;

2. Prefer Lear jets to Jet Skis;

3. Believe that reporters always misquote politicians;

4. Love making proclamations; or

5. Never met an issue about which you did not have an opinion.

You might be a candidate to be a candidate for lieutenant governor if you:

1. Like being number two (for awhile);

2. Enjoy “herding cats;”

3. Get satisfaction from interrupting important debates to recognize the Junior Potato Queen from a rural county;

4. Believe that reporters always quote politicians accurately; or

5. Never met an issue that couldn`t be killed in a committee.

You might be a candidate to be a candidate for attorney general if you:

1. Always wanted to head a large Jackson law firm;

2 Always wanted a two-way radio in your car without having to go through the law enforcement academy;

3. Watch the Court TV channel religiously;

4. Want the best view in the state; or

5. Never met a lawsuit you didn`t like.

You might be a candidate to be a candidate for state treasurer if you:

1. Read every name on the unclaimed property list;

2. Actually understand how to calculate the present value of a discounted cash flow;

3. Watch “Wall Street Week” religiously; or

4. Never met a deposit slip you didn`t like.

You might be a candidate to be a candidate for commissioner of agriculture and commerce if you:

1. Actually live on a farm;

2. Know the difference between pre- and post-emergent herbicide;

3. Have a plan to turn kudzu into the state`s largest cash crop;

4. Name Artis Ford as your favorite news anchor; or

5. Never met a fire ant that you liked.

If you still have any doubts about your decision, it might be a good idea to approach it from the other perspective. You might NOT be a candidate to be a candidate if:

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