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Having your own investments may pay off


Chances are you`ve earned your own money. It`s very likely that you spend your own money. So why not consider investing your own money?

If you are like many married women – even those employed outside of the home – the majority of your assets may be kept in joint accounts. For today, and perhaps for years to come, that may be an easy and uncomplicated way to arrange your family`s finances. But, what happens if you hit a bump in the road, like divorce or death of your spouse?

According to American Demographics, April 1996, three of four women are single when they die. While that`s an unpleasant statistic, it`s one that needs to be faced realistically. You must prepare for the day when you could be managing your finances on your own – either due to the death of your husband or divorce. This preparation supports the case for having your own investments now.

In addition to a couple of the most important payoffs – being an educated, informed investor and having financial independence – there are some other ways you can benefit from having individual investments.

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