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Tax protest: the difference between `us` and `them`

Taxing Matters

Recently, the Mississippi Supreme Court upheld the tax evasion charges against a Meridian couple who claimed they were victims of a scam to avoid paying income taxes. One received three years in prison. The other received a one-year term. In addition, they were ordered to make restitution of over $13,000 in taxes. The two were also convicted of tax-related violations in federal court that resulted in sentences of two years and three months for one and two years for the other. These two people were involved with a nationwide group of tax protesters. There are many of these groups in the U.S. and their members are being convicted and sentenced to jail and monetary penalties by federal and state courts.

I don`t ever remember anyone telling me that they like to pay taxes. I think that most of us, at least on an occasional basis, complain and even protest to others about our tax burden. What makes us different from this Meridian couple?

In order to determine the answer to this question, at least two more questions must be answered:

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