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Pharmacists find doing what you love the best medicine

Essential Business

Pharmacists Jim Ballard and Tom Martin have successfully turned their love of cycling into a thriving business with Indian Cycle Fitness & Outdoor in Jackson.

Ballard and Martin met while working together in a hospital pharmacy. After countless discussions of cycling adventures, they decided to start a retail business as a sideline.

The business did so well, it quickly developed into a full-time retail and commercial venture. When they saw the need to grow and diversify, they left pharmacy. Ballard retired after only 13 years as a practicing pharmacist.

In 1995, they purchased Indian Cycle Fitness & Outdoor after tracking its growth for several years. The store, which started on South State Street, changed locations five times, each time moving to a larger location. Indian Cycle was primarily a dealer of motorcycles, which they no longer sell, and bicycles. In the late 1980s, they added outdoor and fitness equipment.

Indian Cycle Fitness & Outdoor, the largest Schwinn dealer in the southern region, keeps more than 1,000 bicycles at all times with about half assembled. The bike repair department is almost an entity in itself. About 20 cycling events are organized annually. True Treadmills, Trek and Cybex bikes are also top sales in the South.

Even though they are planning on building a new facility, they plan to renovate their current location

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