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Kirk Fordice and his final state of the state

MBJ Editorial

Gov. Kirk Fordice gave his final state of the state address in Jackson last week. A number of legislators on hand for the speech panned the address as harsh and mean-spirited; perhaps a more accurate analysis would be that Fordice, never a shrinking violet, stuck to his guns and said what was on his mind. This straightforwardness has marked his two terms as governor.

While folks might disagree with Kirk Fordice’s policies and his abrasiveness, one thing is certain: Mississippi has blossomed economically during his administration. The state is now known — around the country and the world — as a place to do business.

When history casts a long glance over Fordice’s time at the state helm, we expect the verbal barbs will be forgotten but that the Mississippi miracle will still be churning. For this, Kirk Fordice should be remembered well.

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