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Hockey has potential to take off in Jackson

MBJ Extra!

It wa like something out of one of this year’s NFL game .

The shot bounced off the back of the goal with a resounding thud, and then it flew right out of the net. Shearwater Sea King fans went wild, then booed angrily. How could the referee have missed that call? I glanced over at my 8-year old-son, who was experiencing live hockey for the first time. Perhaps ringing in the New Year in Canada was not such a bad idea. He was yelling to his new friend at the top of his lungs .

“ hoot again, Jake!”

Concern that my on might not appreciate hockey were obviou ly unju tified.

During the break before the final period he turned and a ked, “When will we get hockey in Jack on?”

“ oon. Very oon,” I re ponded.

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