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Hospitality, beer an unbeatable combination

State`s first brew pubs should be quite popular

In Boston visitors have a new historical tour option, visiting Boston`s brew pubs on a tour with the Old Town Trolley. The tour includes a narrated history of beer brewing in Boston and the U.S., and stops to sample the wares at three pubs.

Brew pubs, also known as microbreweries, are a combination of restaurant and bar that usually have brewing equipment exposed so that customers can watch beer making in progress. Brew pubs are popular throughout most of the U.S. and in many foreign countries. The pubs have been a significant new trend, attracting visitors with a different atmosphere and specialty, premium beers in a variety of different flavors.

In most states, the above description of a brew pub wouldn`t be necessary. But brew pubs haven`t been legal in Mississippi until recently when the state became the last in the country to legalize microbreweries.

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