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Company is leading manufacturer of cash-dispensing ATMs for off-premise locations

Triton Systems top exporter for 1999

Expanding on exporting has earned Triton Systems Inc. of Long Beach a significant growth in sales and the 1999 Mississippi Exporter of the Year Award.

Triton received the award from the Mississippi District Export Council at the 1999 World Trade Day seminar and conference June 9. Triton is the leading manufacturer of cash-dispensing ATMs for off-premise locations like hospitals, gasoline stations, hotels and shopping malls. The company’s 1998 strategy to expand its international market boosted export sales from $1 million in 1997 to more than $12 million in 1998, a significant contributor to the company’s overall growth in 1998 of approximately 35%.

“Triton is a good example of a Mississippi firm that has experienced significant growth by developing international markets for their products,” said Liz Cleveland, chairman of the Mississippi District Export Council’s scholarship committee. “Innovative marketing and commitment to international business make Triton a deserving recipient of the state’s annual recognition award.”

According to Triton president and CEO Dr. Ernest Burdette, the company specifically targeted Canada and Latin America with a goal of $5 million in international revenue. Triton’s 1998 export growth far exceeded these expectations.

Contributing to Triton’s export sales growth was the company’s success in the Canadian ATM market. During 1998, the number of Triton ATMs increased from five units in 1997 to 1,584, making Triton the No. 1 cash dispenser manufacturer in Canada.”

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