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Low insect pressure, favorable weather helps

Cotton outlook looks promising

MISSISSIPPPI STATE — The outlook for this year’s cotton crop looks promising, thanks to low insect pressure and favorable weather.

Dr. Will McCarty, cotton specialist with Mississippi State’s Extension Service, said, “At this point, the crop has good moisture, vegetative growth, fruit set and light insect pressure. With still months before harvest when anything can happen, the potential of this year’s crop is definitely above average.”

Maturity level was slightly behind last year, but ahead of the five-year average. Sixty-one percent is blooming, compared to the five-year average of 55%.

Insect control and just the right mixture of heat and rain have McCarty optimistic about this year’s yield.

“We are still above average in heat unit accumulation, but below last year, which is good. Last year was a very hot year and cotton suffered some head damage.

“We intensified some boll weevil eradication sprays during the last few days based on trap numbers. Right now, there’s almost nothing going on in cotton in the way of insects, and we’re looking real good.”

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