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Did the technology evolve to respond to the needs of today

These aren’t your father’s old office supplies

Your office today is just as likely to be in your home or car as it is in an office building. It’s a chicken-and-egg question: Did the technology evolve to respond to the needs of today’s mobile workers or are workers more mobile because the technology allows them to be?

Still, there is some common ground in the various permutations that workspace takes — namely, space. Tommy Wolf, Owner of Total Office Solutions (TOS), thinks that office space is tight, no matter where it’s located. “Certainly in an office it’s at a premium, but once you put your office into your house, it kind of doubles.” This smaller work space has spawned a generation of office equipment with a small “footprint.” Copiers that are also printers and fax machines, for instance. “Five years ago, give or take, the true multifunctional products came out,” Wolf said. “About three years ago, it started to become perfected.”

Wolf said that when digital output devices first came on the scene, convenience warred with cost in many offices. Some office workers, it seemed, resented not having their own printer. “When we’d walk into people’s offices, they’d say, ‘I’ve got my printer at my desk, and I’m not getting up.’ Maybe now they have to get up and go get their prints, but the cost of your average laser printer is five cents a page. The cost of a digital network output device, meaning an digital copier, is 1.5

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