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Teacher pay raise plan

MBJ Editorial

The Mississippi Business Journal has long advocated professional-level pay for our state’s public school teachers. We entrust these men and women with our greatest natural resource, the young minds that will live and work for a better Mississippi in years to come, and yet, we continue to lose the best and brightest teachers to other states — states which have made a commitment to education where it does matter the most: personnel. Talented class-room instructors can make all the difference in the world for many, many children and young adults. They can challenge, push, nurture and open eyes.

We concur with the citizens of Mississippi who voted for Ronnie Musgrove last November: education is a

priority. Teacher pay raises must be a priority.

But, alas, as is so often the case, political promises and the people’s will have died in the Legislature. Finger-pointing and name-calling will do no good here. The simple truth is this: teacher pay raises aren’t going to happen this year. Who knows when it will happen?

In the meantime, young people will be making career decisions. These decisions are of significance to the economic vitality of Mississippi, and thus, should of great importance

to the business community.

As parents, as business owners, as economic developers, as government and community leaders, we demand a great deal from our teachers. The time has come for us to pay them what they deserve.

Business, industry, education and government must work together to raise our teachers to the Southeastern average. The time for talk is over. Let’s see some action.

What is your business going to do about it? Right now. Today.

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