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From the Capitol

MBJ Editorial II

Just when you thought it was safe to run your business, along comes the Mississippi Legislature.

Legislation which would end Mississippi employers’ rights to fire workers without “justifiable” cause is working its way through the 2000 session.

Rep. Erik Fleming (D-Jackson), who has proposed the Good Faith Employment Act to end at-will termination, is apparently still bitter about his dismissal from a job in 1996, and thinks that he can extract some sort of revenge with this inane bill.

Based on past experience, we’re quite certain his efforts will fail.

Have there been cases where employees were fired for seemingly no reason? Probably. But life isn’t fair, is it? Business can be messy. Bottom line? You shouldn’t (and can’t) fire a person because of race or sex. Anyone else is expendable for whatever reason a business owner finds justifiable. Again, not fair perhaps, but it’s been proven to work here in the real world. Of course, Mississippi’s biggest problem continues to be a Legislature filled with folks like Erik Fleming who have no experience or desire to deal with the real world and that’s why they ran for office. It is our hope that their shenanigans will not harm Mississippi’s economic progress.

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