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Market survival

MBJ Editorial

Buy and hold. Sage advice from a bygone era of investing or relevant data in the brave new information age? Considering the recent “activities” (read: frenzy) on Wall Street, and thanks to online investing, your street, buy and hold remains a wise foundation for most investment strategies.

And, when building on this foundation, don’t forget a healthy dose of respect for risk. Perhaps you remember that aspect of free market capitalism?

Most of us know that now is not the time to panic. Reasonable investors will continue to enjoy the fruits of their investments, and as the dance between our old and new markets continues, the Market will reward solid companies with great products or services, even the dot.coms, and weed out those with little more than a cool URL and which eschew a business plan for an IPO delusion.

The bulls and bears will continue their rhythmic marching whatever the age — industrial, post-industrial or information. They’ll just be marching much faster from now on. And even faster tomorrow. And a bit faster the next day.

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