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Minding Everyone Else`s

I’m heading to Tallahassee to see my brother graduate from Florida State with a master’s degree in statistics.

His graduation will complete the over-education of my family, now with a complete set of master’s degrees: two in English, one in mathematics, one in engineering and one doctorate in mechanical engineering.

He, like my father the mechanical engineer, is a numbers cruncher. He’s always been good with numbers. Despite being three years younger than me, he was able to complete times tables and tell time before I could.

He would set up baseball teams on the computer and play complete 162 game seasons, compiling statistics for every player and every team. This was before computers could automatically project the results without playing the actual games as they can now.

Apparently, he knows his numbers well. He garnered a 3.6 GPA during his undergraduate years at the University of New Hampshire and a 3.9 at Florida State.

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