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Copier and fax division changes name to Aregood Technologies

North Jackson Office Supply strengthens tech arm

RIDGELAND — They are still working on the sign, but the name change is a done deal.

The copier and fax division of North Jackson Office Supply is now Aregood Technologies.

Mike Aregood, president of Aregood Technologies, believes the name change will help customers to understand where the focus of his business lies, which is with technology.

In 1994, the then copier and fax division of North Jackson Office Supply in Ridgeland took on the Toshiba copier facsimile line.

More recently, Aregood Technologies has started selling Toshiba laptops, desktop computers and digital cameras.

“Our main focus at this location is technology,” Aregood said. “In order to let customers know where our focus is we decided to change our name.”

Aregood said the name change will not only help customers distinguish his business from North Jackson Office Supply, but that it will also help separate the bills in the copier and fax division from the stationary and office supply division. Aregood Technologies and North Jackson Office Supply are still one corporate structure.

The services and products offered by Aregood Technologies will not change with the business’ name change.

“We shoot for a two-hour response time and we are very service-oriented,” Aregood said. “This last year we took on Toshiba’s new color copier, the FC22. That unit is a mid-range color copier-printer that has extremely high color quality.”

Toshiba will be announcing some new products soon as well. In February, Aregood attended a dealer meeting in Maui where he had the opportunity to take a sneak peek at new products offered.

“Toshiba is in the process of really expanding their offerings,” Aregood said. “They’re going to have a $10-million advertising budget for our division and a $37-million advertising budget for the computer division. In this (copier and facsimile) division, they intend to be the third largest advertiser.”

Aregood is excited about where his company is and where it is going, particularly in the very near future.

“We are still a division of North Jackson Office Supply, but we operate separately in most ways. In order to make it simpler for our customers, we thought it was better to have a different name. It does help people realize what our business is, (and how it is different from the) other (stationary and office supply) division.”

Traditionally, customers have not associated equipment businesses with office supply businesses, Aregood said.

The president of the stationary and office supply division of North Jackson Office Supply is Charles Mark Aregood, Mike Aregood’s brother. That division sells a complete line of pens and office supplies and, like Aregood Technologies, is very service-oriented.

“They’re a good place to go for any items that are hard to find in office supplies,” Mike Aregood said. “They’re good folks to work with.”

The actual corporation that both the stationary and office supply division of North Jackson Office Supply and Aregood Technologies do business as is North Jackson Office Supply and Stationers, Inc. “We in essence have two different businesses within the same corporation,” Mike Aregood said. “We’re dedicated to supporting the Toshiba equipment that we sell here.”

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