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Serving democracy

MBJ Editorial

Democracy is best served by free discussion of issues and ideas. Although our American democracy falls short of the ideal, which has inspired generations around the

world with its hope and promise, it is by far the best system of government humanity has initiated.

Questions have been raised about democracy, and the exchange of ideas and public discourse, being ill-served by the decision from the Commission on Presidential

Debates to exclude Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nadar from participating in this year’s series of debates.

Although polling ridiculously low numbers, do the ideas proposed by Nadar and Buchanan still make them relevant to the process?


Despite having no hope of winning, or even realistically influencing the outcome of the Nov. 7th election, should we have had the opportunity to listen to them in a

forum with the two candidates from the Republican and Democratic political parties?

The answer is yes.

The strength and influence of two political parties has thrown our government out of balance and forever corrupted the process by which we elect its leaders. The

foundation of our government, the Constitution, is not about parties; it’s about people.

Let the people – not a commission, not the parties – decide what is important and which candidate will serve best. Then, perhaps, we move closer to the ideal of

American democracy.

Remember, listening never hurts.

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