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MBJ Editorial

The country has arrived at the point where continued legal wrangling in the Florida presidential vote recount will cause irreparable damage.

Whatever the outcome of the Florida Supreme Court’s decision on recounts, or the recounts themselves, Al Gore must concede and salvage whatever shred of dignity he

can as the good loser.

Democrats might argue that the process is not yet complete, and that thousands of Florida voters will lose their chance to participate and have their voices heard in this

election unless litigation continues. At this point, all of that is the meaningless shrill of desperate partisans.

Al Gore squandered his opportunity to win the presidency. The Democrats ran an ineffective presidential campaign, and Gore never gave voters a compelling reason to

vote for him. Couple those with the Clinton factor and you have one big loser. Hand recounts in Florida won’t change the outcome.

The lessons we might learn from this election chaos are important: Too much money is being spent to win elective office. Is the Electoral College still needed? Voter

apathy remains a troubling factor in far too many cases. How might we improve the voting process?

The first step in addressing these issues begins with naming George W. Bush the 43rd President of the United States.

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