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Spring weather

MBJ Editorial

Mississippi has been blessed by an early taste of spring in recent weeks.

Warm and sunny afternoons have given way to backyard blossoms and barbecue and making it an early day at the office. However, as lovely as the weather has been at times, the dark spectre of severe storms has remained on the horizon — waiting, lurking, looming.

Communities from the Delta to the North Mississippi hills were devastated by killer winds in February, which is the start of the state’s severe weather season. Homes have been destroyed. Lives have been lost. And businesses are dealing with the aftermath just like neighborhoods and families.

The cost of the recent storms in Mississippi has climbed into the millions. Financial assistance is on the way from the federal government, but the burden of caring for the victims of these storms should also be shouldered by us. Mississippi’s business community, our churches and synagogues, civic organizations and others should work together to help our friends and family rebuild and restore their lives.

We can expect plenty of frightening weather until the heat of summer takes hold, but we don’t have to go it alone.

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