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Giving back

MBJ Editorial

Two stories in this week’s Mississippi Business Journal take a look at what Jackson-area businesses are doing to give back to the community.

Christmas in April, a program that sees corporate volunteers repair and rehabilitate the homes of low-income, elderly, disabled and families with children, will be held April 27-28.

“Many people don’t realize that individuals on a fixed income often have to make a decision whether to buy medicine or fix their sink,” said Donnie Young, vice president of Christmas in April Metro Jackson Area Inc., and president of Pinnacle Construction LLC in Ridgeland.

And Egg Us On, another springtime fund-raising program, will attempt to raise $42,000 for Habitat for Humanity to build a house in Jackson.

Renowned Mississippi artist and Habitat supporter Gail Pittman was honored to be able to design the special edition Easter egg to help with the ministry. “I really particularly liked the concept of the egg because it’s a new beginning and Easter is a new beginning,” Pittman said.

And while spring is a good time for businesses to think about giving back to their communities, there are plenty of other times during the year when corporate and community leaders can work together to improve the lives of countless Mississippians — who just happen to be customers and clients, too.

It is important that a meaningful charitable giving component be a part of every business plan. It makes business — and lives — all the better.


The MBJ is excited about another year of participating in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Program.

The deadline for nominating Mississippi entrepreneurs for the program is April 6th, and we urge our readers to think about business leaders in their communities who are worthy of consideration for Entrepreneur of the Year.

To be considered, the company must have been in operation for at least two years. If publicly held, the company’s founder must be an active member of top management. Owners and managers who are primarily responsible for the company’s growth are eligible. There is no fee for nominations and self-nominations are encouraged, as are those from suppliers, customers and others who work with entrepreneurs.

Nomination packages are available from Ernst & Young by calling 1-800-755-AWARD.

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