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Rain, rain go away

MBJ Editorial

Is it raining in Mississippi? It is, in fact, but the state is not in a situation — yet — to spend money from our “rainy day” fund.

The growing clamor for Gov. Ronnie Musgrove to authorize the release of rainy day money to state agencies would offer little more than an exceptionally short-term solution to a financial crisis brought on by a decade of wanton growth and spending in the Legislature.

It’s going to be a painful few months, if not longer, for many of our state agencies. Personnel will be lost. Programs will be cut. Services will end. However, we’re confident that what will remain is, as they say, essential.

Mississippi saw a great economic run in the past decade, and tax dollars flowed into Jackson. Too bad we didn’t save more of it than we did. Perhaps that will be one of the lessons we learn from this situation.

Fiscal belt-tightening might hurt, but it will be worth it in the end and cost us much less than spending our rainy day money on a summer thundershower instead of saving it for Noah’s flood.


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