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Faith in America

MBJ Editorial

“Real Americans don’t sell.”

That mantra made the rounds of e-mail, Web sites and chat rooms last week. It also popped up on business reports.

Monday came and the markets opened. And fell. Pragmatism — and fear — outweighed mantras.

But, really, it could have been much worse. Tuesday came and the markets opened. And the markets — and investors — calmed down. A late-in-the-day rally didn’t last long, but ground wasn’t lost either.

And so the week went. Up and down. Back and forth. But on we continued to buy, sell, invest and get back to work.

It felt good, didn’t it?

Overcoming the nightmares of September 11th, events that changed millions of lives, will be long and hard and, for many, impossible. We must never forget those lost — mourning and remembering. Neither should we forget how much our America has been changed. However, it is equally important to carry on. To endure. To prevail.

That’s where a little faith in American business and industry comes in. Our economy, the envy of the world, remains strong. The recent months of slowing down and scaling back are just a part of the cyclical nature of all economies. Not unusual nor cataclysmic.

Markets don’t care much for uncertainty, and the days ahead will be filled with a certain uncertainty, but we cannot allow ourselves to give in to fear, grief or self-pity.

We have faith. Mississippi has faith. America has faith.

We will triumph.

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