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One more book list, just in time for...Halloween?

The View from Here

Summer is over.

With the passage of the Labor Day weekend, fall has its official, albeit not astronomical, geophysical or technical, beginning. Autumn, despite the heat and humidity of a September afternoon, is here, and with it comes falling leaves, football and the promise of a few pleasant days in October when the sky is a perfect blue and we’re not all sweating.

It’s the right time to look back over the past few months and indulge in a bit of “What I did during my summer vacation?” scattershooting — even though I haven’t had a summer vacation since the early 1990s.

In June and July I look forward to the “What I’m reading…” or “Great beach reads…” lists that spring up in newspapers, magazines, Web sites and are discussed on radio and TV. “Summer’s Blockbuster Books,” scream at me. I tend to avoid those. Perhaps I’ll read ‘em when they’re in paperback next year.

Even though I’m not lounging at the beach or hanging out in a mountain cabin with hours of free time to read the season’s smash pop lit hit, summer is a great time to enjoy a few good books. Too bad it’s over. But just in time for…well, perhaps the upcoming holidays or next summer…here’s a list of a few good books I was able to enjoy during the long, hot days of summer 2001:

– “Ignatius Rising: The Life of John Kennedy Toole,” Ren

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