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Out of context

MBJ Editorial

A funny thing happened on the way to the truth; the facts were taken out of context.

Journalists are accused often of taking statements out of context and running quotes which might skew the true nature of a story. Such accusations are baseless, more often than not, and most of us in the media take such attacks for what they are and forget about them.

Shrug it off, we think, but it’s not so easy when we’re the ones being taken out of context. After all, payback is hell.

In the past few weeks, commercials opposed to tort reform have been airing on local television stations. It’s not surprising that the battle over tort reform is heating up. Millions of dollars are at stake, and both sides are convinced that their facts are the right facts. But, in fact, both sides make good arguments and it’s impossible to break down this complex issue into one neat and tidy clich

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