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MBJ Editorial

St. Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and we hope that you spent some time with the one you love February 14th.

Despite the gooey emotionalism and hyperactive marketing associated with Valentine’s Day, it remains a reminder for us to remember the people who are important in our lives. It also got us thinking about what we love about Mississippi business, industry and economic development.

The list is long, and anything we publish here will be incomplete. There’s not enough room to mention all of the great things going on in Mississippi business. But, we’ll list a few of them anyway:

Jubilations cheesecakes.

Gail Pittman pottery.


The Mississippi Film Office.

Pine trees.

Buying a car — or since we’re from Mississippi, a big truck — from a local dealer.

Ordering cheese straws from the Mississippi Gift Company.

Mississippi Magazine.

Building big boats (OK, they’re really ships) on the Coast.

High tech.

The Delta Blues Museum and Highway 61.

Casino neon on a Saturday night.

Great golf.

The Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce’s Make Mine Mississippi program, which we participate in by the way.

Hometown newspapers.

Malaco Records.

Fields of cotton.

Spring pilgrimages.

Writers, artists, athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs.

The Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.

World-class research universities.

The Natchez Trace.

Cattle grazing on rye grass.

Learning about the journey into outerspace at the StennisSphere at the

John C. Stennis Space Center.

Barge traffic on the Mississippi River.

That’s the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to send us your own list of people, places and things that you love about Mississippi business.

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