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Only the beginning

MBJ Editorial

With the great Nissan land debate in Madison County resolved, we look forward to moving on to more positive and exciting aspects of the automaker’s auto assembly plant development.

Construction of the giant facility just south of Canton continues at a remarkable pace. The view from Interstate 55 — the sheer magnitude — is stunning. Suppliers are being named and setting up shop in a number of communities around Central Mississippi. Workers are being trained. The foundation for thousands of new jobs and millions of dollars in investment is shaping up — and that’s great news for Mississippi.

The “Mississippi Miracle” was the start of something special in the state’s business community in the 1990s. However, it is now quite clear that it was only the beginning of a long journey toward economic development and diversification.

A gaming boom, large construction projects and a surging national economy provided the state with tremendous opportunities this past decade. But if we want to continue that success, to build a more vibrant and substantial economy, then we need to focus our energies on the basics: education, workforce training, new industrial recruitment and paying plenty of attention to the businesses already here.

It is the same old song and dance, but it’s the best way we have of building a better and brighter economic future for every Mississippian.

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