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Chamber sideshow

MBJ Editorial

Last week’s U.S. Chamber of Commerce press conference in Washington warning businesses to stay away from Mississippi was little more than an attention-grabbing stunt by one of the business community’s most aggressive, and in this situation, misguided, advocacy organizations.

Why the U.S. Chamber, which is held in low esteem by many in Mississippi, decided to embarrass our state with it’s little sideshow is not a terribly important point.

Tort reform is an important point. In fact, it is one of the most important issues our state has faced in decades. Instead of superfluous pronouncements from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, hyperbolic outcries from politicians and righteous indignation from trial lawyers, Mississippi needs reasonable dialogue and compromise to reform the state’s civil justice system and improve both the reality and the perception of our business environment.

Animosity, finger pointing and an utter lack of respect are now guiding the tort reform debate in Mississippi, and that’s the easy way to get no where fast.

We can do better.

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