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Get out and do something

MBJ Editorial

Backpacking around Turkey. Getting away to Seattle. Late spring in New York City. A weekend of golf on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Summer travelers are making vacation plans. Business travelers are falling back into old routines.

Whatever the destination, Americans are traveling again, and that’s great news for an industry recovering from the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks.

Traveling, whether for business or pleasure, is an important part of the great American myth. It might be Dad loading up Mom, the Kids and the Dog in the family station wagon for two weeks at the beach. Or perhaps the harried Executive catching a flight to make the Next Big Deal. Whatever the reasons, we are a people on the move, and perhaps more than ever, we’re ready to get out and do something.

As a sign in front of one of Jackson’s many along-the-interstate motels declares, travel brings us together. Whether for business or pleasure, we hope travel is part of your summer.

It’ll be good for you; it’ll be good for business.

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