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MBJ Editorial

It’s easy for folks in other parts of the state to poke fun — or worse — at Jackson.

Images from the Capital City seen by many Mississippians are often negative: crime scenes, city council outbursts, police corruption, school fights. Newspapers and broadcasters have an obligation to report the news, and the blood and mayhem which often makes the front page or leads at 6 and 10, is important.

It’s just a shame though that too many of us are missing out on the good stuff in Jackson: wonderful restaurants, a few of the state’s best museums, world-class art exhibits, lovely neighborhoods and parks, baseball, a great bookstore, live music. All of it in the city limits. Expand it out into the metro area and you have so much more.

If you can see through the troubles, that is.

The future of Mississippi’s Capital City is up for grabs. Change for the better is possible with the right combination of leadership, investment and vision.

But the clock is ticking.

Mississippi can’t afford for Jackson to be a laughingstock for much longer.

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