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Impasse not surprising

MBJ Editorial

Should Mississippians be surprised by the way the latest legislative special session has gone?

No. Not really.

Time and again, our legislators, the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House, along with an assortment of House and Senate committee chairs, have been unable to break free from political games and move toward reasonable compromise.

Pointing fingers is where we find ourselves again. And that’s too bad because there are a number of very good, very sound and very important ideas floating around the Capitol if we could just take politics — past, present and future — out of the situation.

As this week’s edition goes to press and the Legislature remains mired in near-hopeless intransigence, it looks likely that the medical and business and industry communities, along with honest, hard-working folks, still will be left with a civil justice system that falls far short of being fair.

It’s a shame, but not surprising.

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