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MBJ Editorial

Threatening weather, as devastating as big storms can be to life and property, often brings out the best in people and in communities.

We saw that last week as the Coast, and much of South Mississippi, prepared for tropical storm Isidore.

Families and friends worked together to ready their homes and businesses for the windy and wet onslaught. Emergency officials and the medical community toiled long hours to help keep people safe and losses at a minimum. Reporters, photographers, meteorologists and cameramen worked tirelessly to tell stories about the storm — where to go, what to do, how to stay out of trouble.

A crisis helps focus us. We set aside the petty distractions and disturbances that tend to pull us away from what’s important in our lives.

Whether it’s the weather or something much more mundane and common, like a traffic tie-up on the way to work, the lessons we take from challenges are worth remembering and valuing as time marches on.

After all, life isn’t fair or easy and happiness isn’t guaranteed, but we can choose how we will deal with the situations in which we are bound to find ourselves.

Here’s to making the best of it.

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