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Business wins

MBJ Editorial

Business folks woke up with smiles on their faces last Wednesday morning. Business-backed candidates won big in Mississippi — and national — political races, and the economic impact could be significant.

In Mississippi, judicial races for the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court concluded with impressive wins by candidates who can do something about the unhealthy legal climate in the state since it appears unlikely that meaningful general tort reform will be forthcoming from the Legislature, a body controlled — for now — by trail lawyers and their allies.

Mississippi voters overwhelmingly supported conservative judicial candidates on the November 5th ballot, and it will be interesting to see what sort of mood the electorate will be in when campaigns kick off for state offices in 2003. Changes, from the Governor’s Mansion on down to local state senate and house districts, could be coming.

Business and industry will play a vital role in capitalizing on the gains made in last Tuesday’s elections, as well as working for supportive candidates in next year’s races.

But before all of that happens, it is vital that business has its voice heard in the upcoming legislative session, which convenes in January.

The time has come for all of our elected officials to understand that working for a better business climate in Mississippi makes life better for every Mississippian.

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