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Rest in peace

MBJ Editorial

A bill that would have created a state labor department died in legislative committee February 4th.

That’s the good news for Mississippi business and industry. The bad news? It will be back next year. And the year after. And the year after that.

Fortunately, while this terrible idea might continue to surface every January when state legislators are in Jackson, by every February, it’s likely to be dead. Again. And again. Opposition to the legislation is overwhelming.

Supporters of the measure think that Mississippi needs one more bureaucratic monster for our limited resources to feed, but there is no credible evidence that the existence of such a beast would benefit anyone. One certainty, it would complicate and confound any business forced to deal with it.

At a time when the state budget is stretched to the breaking point, it is outrageous to consider creating another drain — a blackhole of resources — for taxpayers to fund.

So, rest in peace Senate Bill 2356. We’ll shed no tears.

‘Til next year.

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