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Quixotic quest

MBJ Editorial

The anti-tort reform/anti-Musgrove television commercials marked the beginning of this strange political odyssey. They were followed by the rumors and “What if…?” scenarios that form the foundation of many Happy Hour conversations around the Capital City. And then it happened: John Arthur Eaves Jr. qualified to run for governor. He’ll be on the August primary ballot for the Democratic nomination

Eaves is a young, personable, likable professional who will connect with many of the Mississippians he will meet on his gubernatorial quest. However, he is branded with the “trial lawyer” label, and has the weighty baggage of his family’s failed political fortunes.

The formidable political power of the state’s business and medical communities will be working against any Democrat in this year’s race for the Governor’s Mansion. And rest assured, the chance to go head to head with one of the most successful and prominent trial lawyers in the state will only intensify the fervor — and contributions. For the time being, trial lawyers have a tough public image problem to overcome.

Despite his considerable resources, Eaves’ chances of success are minimal. But, if history tells us anything, at least it will be fun to watch.

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