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Slowing down or doubling up

MBJ Editorial

At least one important bill remained alive in the Legislature last week: SB 2030 would double fines for speeding in a highway construction work zone.

This piece of legislation is needed to slow down irresponsible drivers ignoring the dangers of speeding past roadway workers, and to protect the lives and property of the workers, the drivers, the roadbuilding and maintenance companies out there, as well as Mississippi Department of Transportation crews.

Everyday, highway workers risk life and limb to improve, upgrade and build better roads — a backbone of our economy. Literally, their lives are placed on the line — that thin white or yellow line running down a strip of asphalt, which offers little protection against speeding station wagons and Suburbans.

The orange barrels and safety vests help, but they aren’t going to stop a careening 4,000-pound missile.

Passage of SB 2030 will not take away all of the danger highway engineers and workers face, but if it saves one life, it will have been worth it.

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