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Escaping uncertainty

MBJ Editorial

War might be hell, as Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman observed, but uncertainty is worse on Wall Street.

As the United States and its allies made last-minute preparations for war in Iraq last week, markets rallied in anticipation of a quick military victory. Investors were relieved that the frustrating diplomatic process was over, and the “Will we or won’t we attack?” question was answered. We would, and according to President Bush, we must.

Putting the men and women of our armed services in harm’s way is never done lightly. The seriousness of war — the life and death of battle — cannot be overstated. However, the die is cast and as a nation, onward we march.

And that means business, too.

In times of crisis, a committed people, a powerful military and a robust economy are what makes America the last great superpower.

From the front lines in the Middle East to the check-out lines on Main Street USA, every American can play a part in building a world that is safer, move civil and profitable.

Using our markets, and yes, our might, we can make a difference. In the coming days, we think that difference will be great and worth the sacrifice.

Uncertainty, at long last, damned.

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