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Inappropriate offenses

MBJ Editorial

Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will — his personal responsibility.

— Albert Schweitzer


Last week’s rather swift termination of University of Alabama head coach Mike Price for his questionable off-the-field behavior surprised many in sports, especially here in the college football-obsessed South.

Judging by his behavior during a post-firing news conference, Price may have been the most surprised. He became defensive, if not angry, and wondered aloud about whatever happened to “second chances.”

So much for taking responsibility for one’s actions.

The valuable lesson we should take away from the Mike Price situation is that behavior, at work or after hours, does matter. There are consequences to the choices we make. While we can expect additional accusations and a lawsuit or two to emerge from this Alabama affair the simple truth is that making the right choices about personal conduct is the best way to stay out of trouble — and the headlines.

But, in the very least, don’t make excuses when you’re caught.

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