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Part of the process

MBJ Editorial

Development grants are an important part of the process of improving the economies of communities around Mississippi.

In tougher economic times, it can be that much more vital for a proposed project or deal to receive a boost from the local community or state. And as many of the manufacturing jobs Mississippi has depended on for the past few decades continue to shift south to Mexico or overseas to Asia, we can expect the role of state-funded grants and loans to become a much more critical component in saving and creating jobs in the Magnolia State.

However, as important as these types of programs are to Mississippi communities, it is crucial that they are offered, given and received in a process free of political posturing and personal gain.

It’s an election year, and voters, as well as the business community, should be ever mindful of the games that elected officials and hard-campaigning candidates are apt to play with what ultimately are our tax dollars.

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