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Making sense of it

MBJ Editorial

The tragic shooting at the Lockheed Martin plant in Lauderdale County July 8th, where six people died and nine more were critically injured, has led many of us to ask, “Why? Why did this happen?”

Senseless violence of the sort we have seen unfold in our communities — schools, workplaces and even roadways — in the past few years has affected a countless number of individuals and families and resulted in many of us feeling at risk and increasingly vulnerable in a world gone mad.

But, despite the loss and chaos, we must remember that this world has always been a dangerous place. Risks are inherent in life, and yet, they are worth taking.

Certainly, companies must take action to insure that facilities are secure and employees protected. Each of us must be vigilant about personal safety — wherever we are.

However, living in fear is not an option, and that is perhaps the most important lesson of all to take from events like last week’s shooting in Meridian.

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