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Time to remember

MBJ Editorial

Politics and business are interwoven pursuits. Politicians love business; that’s where the money is. Business loves politicians; that’s where the power is. Of course, more often than not money trumps power, because as most of us quickly learn, money is power.

We often wish that government could be “run like a business.” Wishful thinking, indeed. But nonetheless, our politicians could learn a number of valuable lessons from the business community, which is by and far composed of the best and brightest our state has to offer. Dedicated small business owners, risk-taking entrepreneurs, hard-working economic developers and so many more of their colleagues, employees and even competitors — all of these individuals play vital roles in communities across Mississippi.

And perhaps the single most important quality these individuals share is leadership. It is possessed, or at least valued and respected.

The ideal of leadership, and the everyday practice of it, is something that more of our politicians need to focus on, especially during this campaign season.

Our state has seen far too many situations develop in the past few years where the overwhelming response from elected officials and their operatives was a desperate grab for political cover — doing little more than the bare minimum, hoping that a forgetful electorate would…well, forget. And so here we find ourselves a few weeks from party primaries, possible run-offs, then a general election in November.

Didn’t care for a vote your state senator or representative cast? Didn’t like how the governor, lieutenant governor or attorney general handled an issue important to you or your business? Annoyed by your local sheriff? Think it’s time to toss an incumbent from your board of supervisors?

Now is the time to remember.

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