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Power on display

MBJ Editorial

A visit by the President of the United States to Mississippi is always important — and impressive.

When the President comes calling, nowhere is the physical presence and power of that office more readily apparent to the average American, especially to the average American stuck and sitting in traffic waiting for the presidential motorcade to make its way through. Awesome power, indeed, to shut down interstates and airspace. And while last week’s visit by President Bush to stump — and raise a few campaign contributions — for Haley Barbour might have inconvenienced a few folks, most Mississippians saw the visit as an opportunity to show off some Southern hospitality and watch as the Campaigner in Chief played a little politics.

Of course, the issues remain. Politics aside, Mississippi’s gubernatorial race is about three Mississippi concerns: education and workforce training, economic development and the sad shape of the state budget.

These tough issues will remain long after Air Force One and the President have flown home to Washington.

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