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MBJ Editorial

A new report from the Manhattan Institute examines in great detail the inner workings and economic impact of what the conservative think tank has aptly dubbed “Trial Lawyers, Inc.”

This behemoth, according to extensive data, is behind some $200 billion annually in total tort costs with new record settlements and claims met every year.

The Wall Street Journal noted last Tuesday that in the very least Trial Lawyers, Inc. deserves as much public, media and government scrutiny — and skepticism — as Halliburton and Philip Morris.

As Mississippi continues to move forward on civil justice, the significant wealth amassed by trial lawyers remains a vitally important factor in the debate, both as a tempting target for critics and as a valuable weapon as members of the trial bar work to block reform.

The business community cannot afford to ignore this troubling situation.

“Trial Lawyers, Inc.: A Report on the Lawsuit Industry in America 2003” is online at


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