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Pay attention to Blackmon

MBJ Editorial

Remembering that a politician will say and do just about anything to get elected is an important adage to remember these days.

As Mississippians watch the final weeks of statewide campaigning unfold before the November 4th general election, we expect the rhetoric to intensify and the mud to fly. Not that it hasn’t been down and dirty already.

Barbara Blackmon’s recent abortion stunt set a new low in campaign tactics. Clearly, the wealthy trial lawyer from Canton is desperate and has reached the point where she will say and do anything, no matter how tasteless and absurd, in an attempt to boost her sagging campaign for lieutenant governor.

Blackmon’s positions on other issues are just as troubling as how she has conducted herself on the campaign trail.

Last week, the leaders of three of Mississippi’s pro-business advocacy groups challenged Blackmon on her record in the Mississippi Senate, as well as her ability to bring new jobs to the state.

Mississippi Manufacturers Association president Jay Moon, National Federation of Independent Business state director Ron Aldridge and Mississippians for Economic Progress executive director Steve Browning addressed the media October 7th, discussing Blackmon’s anti-jobs votes in the Legislature and asking her to produce the jobs plan she has touted on the campaign trail.

“Despite requests for a copy of the jobs plan she has talked about on TV and in the paper, the Blackmon campaign has yet to provide the state’s business community or the electorate with any of the ‘details’ or her ‘detailed, multifaceted plan,’” Moon said. “The media and the electorate need to ask Sen. Blackmon, ‘Where is the plan?’”

Aldridge covered Blackmon’s legislative record, including her votes for a proposal to raise the costs of health insurance, a vote against lowering auto insurance costs for small businesses and families, and her opposition to civil justice reform last fall.

“The media and electorate need to ask Sen. Blackmon how she can actively recruit industry to come to Mississippi when she is the managing partner of a personal injury law firm that sues the very industry she will be recruiting,” Browning said.

Well, Senator, we’re wondering: How would you protect existing jobs and bring new business and industry to Mississippi?

Based on her record, she won’t and she can’t.

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